TX 20

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 TX 20

4-channel system amplifiers with on-board DSP, DANTE©
plus ethernet interfaces and extensive software.

The NOVA TX10 and TX20 are 4-channel power amplifiers, which offer a unique combination of power and audio performance, seamlessly combined with advanced DSP and network control. The TX10 delivers 2.500 watts per channel or 5.000 watts for a bridged pair. The TX20 delivers 5.000 watts per channel or 10.000 watts for a bridged pair. State of the art components and a finely optimised design results in generous power reserves that ensures pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions.

► Four channels of sonically pure Class D amplification
► Precise 96kHz digital signal processing
► 4th generation SHARC DSP algorithms
► Over‐designed switch mode power supply
► Up to 20.000 watts RMS total output (4 x 5.000 W RMS)
► Full front panel user interface
► Extensive NOVA.Net control software over Ethernet
► Analog, AES3 and digital network audio inputs
► Powerful grouping & multi‐layer EQ
► Powerful drive module speaker-centric presets
► LIR Linear Phase crossovers
► Multi-stage peak & RMS limiters
► Virtual Xover limiter for passive systems
► PEQ & FIR equalisers on all inputs
► Ultra lightweighted (12.5 kg only)
► Full-FIR filtering for precisely stable phases with 768 taps per output channel at 96 kHz

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