12" / 2-way self-powered loudspeaker / 1.000 W

The all-new MYTHOS 12 powered 12" / 2-way loudspeaker is an uncompromising monitor, fullrange speaker and mid/high cabinet in systems - all-in-one. MYTHOS 12 delivers sonic clarity and performance beyond. The self-powered MYTHOS 12 loudspeaker is the ideal allround solution for the up-market user. Whether on stage or installed, the ultra lightweighted MYTHOS 12 convinces with a full package of features, delivering spectacular and precise sonic performance. MYTHOS 12 is the ideal solution for musicians, DJs, mobile entertainers and rental companies. NOVA´s newest generation of DSP technology handles all the processing within the cabinet and allows for full control of power, limiters, amplitude and phase equalization. MYTHOS 12 is based on tour-grade wood enclosures, sophisticated high-sensivity transducers and latest bi-amped 1.000 W power modules (class-D).
► High-class performance in ultra-lightweight design
► 1.000 W Class D bi-amped power module
► Extensive DSP featuring groundbreaking DTA2© technology
► IDSE© intelligent digital sound editor (on-board optimization)
► Single-encoder EASY CONTROL DSP interface
► DBL© dual-band limiters for independently stable performance
► Global master tuning presets and adjustable low-cut filter
► Graphic backlit screen (with locking function)
► Two combo inputs (XLR/6.3 jack with MIC/LINE switches)
► Two high-resolution microphone pre-amplifiers (in MIC mode)
► Rotatable high-frequency horn
► Rugged, texture-painted plywood enclosure
► Sophisticated high-sensivity transducers
► Extra-wide 90° beam angle (for advanced sound distribution)

8 049,00 kr