KD 12

12" / 2-way self-powered coaxial monitor / loudspeaker / 1.000 W

The self-powered KD12 is an uncompromising monitor and fullrange speaker - all-in-one. The KD12 delivers advanced sonic clarity and top performance. Whether as stage monitor, fullrange speaker, frontfill for larger stages or as delay speaker: The KD12 is the ideal allround solution for the up-market user.

► High-class performance in ultra-lightweight design (14 kg only)
► 1.000 W Class D bi-amped power module
► Extensive DSP featuring with delay function (up to 100 m)
► IDSE© intelligent digital sound editor (on-board optimization)
► Single-encoder EASY CONTROL DSP interface
► DBL© dual-band limiters for independently stable performance
► User presets (5 user preset memories)
► Graphic backlit screen (with locking function)
► Two combo inputs (XLR/6.3 jack with MIC/LINE switches)
► Two high-resolution microphone pre-amplifiers (in MIC mode)
► Rugged, texture-painted plywood enclosure
► Sophisticated 12" coaxial transducer
► 90° x 90° beam angle (for advanced sound distribution)

6 099,00 kr